Did you know... the Belgrade reopened 5 years ago this week?

Posted on 30 August 2012

Exactly 5 years ago this Friday, the Belgrade Theatre marked its reopening with a special Gala Night. This night saw the end of a 2 year redevelopment project and was an opportunity to celebrate the hard work of everybody involved and to look to the future.

In addition to freshening up the public foyers and the Main House auditorium, the redevelopment included relocating Box Office to the opposite end of the building; to make it more accessible to the majority of patrons who arrive via car and therefore park in the Belgrade Plaza Car Park; opening a public Exhibition Space which features a timeline covering the varied history of the performing arts in Coventry from medieval times through to the present day, the addition of 2 onsite rehearsal rooms and a new studio theatre, B2.

B2 was a name originally used by the architects to distinguish which auditorium they were referring to and the name stuck The space was designed to be completely flexible and can change its seating layout relatively easily to accommodate a wide range of performance types. Within a matter of a few hours, the auditorium can be changed into one of around 26 different layouts including:

  • End-on (where the seating is tiered facing a stage at the front of the room)
  • In the Round (where the performance area is in the centre and the seating is placed around it)
  • Traverse (where the stage runs the full length of the space, down the centre of the room with seating on either side)
  • Thrust (where there is seating on three sides of the performance area)
  • Flat floor (where all of the seating on the ground level is removed and the sunken area covered to create one level area)
    To name but a few!

With the addition of B2, the Belgrade Theatre has been able to increase the amount of plays it produces and develop its artistic vision of becoming the best producing theatre in the UK.

The Belgrade Theatre’s Artistic Director, Hamish Glen, has a desire for the Belgrade to become the recognised home for striking new versions of European classic drama, a desire that was inspired by Coventry’s internationalism and its unique position as the city of Peace and Reconciliation. In addition the work of the Belgrade is designed to challenge people’s perception of the world around them; the issues in these productions are timeless and are as relevant today as they were when the plays were originally written.

We will be celebrating the fifth anniversary with a series of special events and exhibitions, culminating in a special Gala Evening on Fri 21 Sept, which includes an audience with Hamish Glen and Associate Director of Community & Education, Justine Themen.

You can find out more about our charitable activities and how you can support the Belgrade Theatre by visiting the Support Us pages of our website.

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