Designing the Set for Blood

Posted on 20 February 2015

Today, Designer Sara Perks revealed her ‘urban box’ set design for new play Blood which will be produced by the Belgrade Theatre in collaboration with Tamasha Theatre Company.

Sara’s design features a structure at the back of the set which is made up of frames and boxes stacked up high. These shapes will be lit using backlighting and built in lighting to highlight different areas of the structure. This structure, which is currently being built at the Red Lane Workshops by Belgrade Production Services, will also contain cupboards to conceal props such as a shisha pipe which will be used for one particular scene set in a shisha bar. There will also be areas of sand downstage left and downstage right which will represent a beach at another point in the play.

Sara’s dark, muted tones and minimalism of the set will give focus to the vibrant characters Caneze and Sully, and fresh, lyrical script by Emteaz Hussain. Lighting will add colour to the space whilst helping to transport the audience to different locations for different scenes and heightening the atmosphere on stage. Sara has taken her inspiration for the use of lighting from photographer Andrew McConnell, who makes a stunning use of lightning in a series of photos of immigrants in urban locations. Visit Andrew McConnell’s website to see the photos.

The play is a love story between two young teenagers from a Midlands Pakistani background. Although we don’t know where exactly the play is set within the Midlands, Sara has used hard surfaces and sharp edges to create an urban environment for her characters. She has chosen to immerse the audience in the action on stage by staging it a thrust seating plan, which means the audience will sit on three sides of the stage. Visit the Images & Video Gallery on the right hand side of the page to see photos of Sara’s designs.

Tickets are available for Blood from just £9 by calling our friendly Box Office team on 024 7655 3055 or book online for even cheaper tickets online.