Designing Made in India

Posted on 4 November 2016

Surrogacy, womanhood and body politics. Made in India by Satinder Chohan delves into dark, salient issues, highlighting the plight of motherhood and blood ties between subcontinental women and beyond. Taking to our B2 stage from 24 Jan – 4 Feb, this compelling drama brings to the forefront current global debate on surrogacy in an absorbing, entrancing setting.

This week, designer Lydia Denno revealed her set design and costumes for new play Made in India which we are co-producing with Tamasha Theatre Company in association with Pilot Theatre.

India’s renowned textile industry is a source of inspiration for Lydia Denno. The set is layered into three segments of permeable screens made up of delicate threads of yarn. The yarn screens act as a signifier of the fragile and intricate nature of the play. With fluidity and continuity being primary concerns, Lydia’s design allows for location to be transient and easily manipulated, cleverly creating new dimensions and opening up space. The strategic shifting of the screens also create private enclosures on stage, shining light on the questionable nature of privacy and secrecy in the play. Rich, red tones underpin the entirety of the set, which offset preconceived ideas that the production will be detached and clinical, but instead the projection is deep, sharp and saturated

Lydia’s costume designs are minimal and impactful. With all of the characters onstage throughout the production, costume changes are impractical. Instead, Lydia adds layers of clothing to Aditi and Eva’s costumes as the play develops. Their costumes become heavier, with colours bleeding into vivid shades of red amidst emerald greens and fresh whites, symbolising the active nature of the play. Simultaneously, the colours of Aditi and Eva’s costumes progressively blend in with the design of the set, drawing parities between thematic concerns of self becoming tangled in challenging situations and settings.

The set and costume design complement the play wonderfully, enhancing Made in India’s core thematic concerns through exhibiting stunning, visual, communicative displays.

Tickets are available for Made in India from just £10.50 by calling our friendly Box Office team on 024 7655 3055 or book online for even cheaper tickets online.

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