Dains Accountants pay Gangsta Granny a visit

Posted on 17 February 2016

Today we welcomed Directors’ Club members, Dains Accountants, who are taking advantage of our half term production of Gangsta Granny and bringing along staff, clients and their families for a fun filled afternoon of live theatre.

Dains, like a number of other Directors’ Club members, took the opportunity to create a ticket package tailored to their requirements – in this case, tickets for Gangsta Granny, interval ice creams and a private space within the theatre to entertain their guests.

If you are interested in creating a corporate hospitality package for your staff or clients, please contact Helen Hotchkiss on 024 7684 6728 or email

The Belgrade Theatre Trust is a registered charity (number 219163). This means that all the money given, raised or earned is not distributed as profit but kept and reinvested in the work that we do. For more information please speak to a member of staff or visit