Costume sketches for Marriage

Posted on 16 January 2013

The bright, bold and exuberant costumes for our upcoming production of Marriage will surely brighten up a cold winters evening when the show starts in B2 from Sat 2 to Sat 23 Feb.

The play features lots of larger than life characters, some of which have names that describe their personality or physique. So for instance, the costume for the character Omletsky will be yellow and Mark Extance, who plays him, will probably wear padding so he looks egg shaped. You can see a selection of the sketches in the Image & Video Gallery on the right.

Along with the set, the costumes have been designed by Libby Watson, who we have worked with on a number of occasions, most recently on Stars in the Morning Sky. Libby also designed the set and costumes for our productions of The Miser and The Hypochondriac, which are similar in style and feel to those of Marriage.

The set and costumes are currently being created by our talented team at Belgrade Production Services.

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