Connectivity & Community: Coventry's Elders Company gears up for the Year of Wellbeing

Posted on 4 February 2019

With 2019 marking the Year of Wellbeing in Coventry and Warwickshire, there’s lots going on across the city and beyond to highlight the importance of mental and physical health and happiness for all of us.

Among the projects to have emerged as part of this initiative is a production currently being developed by the city’s Elders Company, who are now meeting regularly at the Belgrade Theatre to devise and rehearse a piece designed to promote connectivity and community amongst the over 50s.

Elders Company

Among the members of the company is Margaret Emerton, a participant in our Arts Gym: Shine On group who previously wrote a series of blogs for us about her experience of working on our site-specific show Read All About It! which took place at the Coventry Evening Telegraph building in July 2018. We really enjoyed her writing for us last year, so we’re thrilled to have her back again to be creating another series of blogs for us around the Elders Company project. Here’s her first piece for us this year.

Elders Company

At the beginning we said:

“It’s nearly here!”

What? Christmas?

“No, the New Year, don’t you know it will be Coventry and Warwickshire’s Year of Wellbeing 2019?”

Not another load of leaflets and messages telling me what I can and can’t do or should and shouldn’t do. I’ve heard it all before and it doesn’t apply to me.

“No this time, it will be different. Working across all public sector services, charities and self-help groups, the aim is to help people make informed control of their own wellbeing goals and aspirations.”

Elders Company

I’m continuing my journey of wellbeing through the Belgrade Theatre’s Arts Gymnasium Programme. It’s given me so much confidence in the past and now I face a new challenge.

I auditioned to be a member of the Elders Company before Christmas. This month we have started devising a new production to be performed this May as part of Connectivity and Community: Celebrating with over 50s – a real stage play this time!

We’re a group of 12 individuals, so working together will be the first challenge (getting their names right would be a good start). There will be differences to be accepted, and tears of laughter and frustration along the way but that’s all part of the learning process.

Elders Company

I will be writing a monthly blog which will follow this process of creating a piece of theatre that focuses on wellbeing in the older community. I’ll let you know how we’re getting on in my next blog.

So what’s your goal for 2019?

It doesn’t matter what age you are, you can look after your wellbeing, with help along the way.

Why not give it a try?

Elders Company