Climate Action - Striving to be Green in 2019

Posted on 20 September 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to working towards a more sustainable future, here at the Belgrade, we’ve been taking significant steps to reduce our environmental impact.

Following the replacement of all of our disposable plastic cups, cutlery, takeaway containers and bin liners with biodegradable alternatives, we’re now turning our attention back to reducing our carbon footprint as taking action on climate change becomes an increasingly urgent priority for businesses around the world.

In addition to improving the efficiency of the electrics in our 1958 Main House auditorium, our ongoing 2020 Redevelopment Project has also seen the installation of solar panels above our third floor offices, enabling us to begin to generate our own renewable energy supply.

Elsewhere, our 2018-19 report also recorded a continued reduction of gas and electricity consumption at the theatre, both overall and on a per-performance basis, thanks in part to the increased usage of LED lighting in the shows that are staged here.

Meanwhile, our friends at Electric Zoo have also been doing their bit for the environment by encouraging individuals to make the switch from petrol to electric cars. We’re delighted to have a representative from the company in our committee, and ahead of Zero Emissions Day tomorrow, we’ve been fascinated to find out more about the work they’re doing to spread the word and debunk myths around electric cars.

Did you know, for example, that most electric car batteries will last for around 100,000 miles before they need replacing? With running costs of around 4p per mile and fewer moving parts to factor in for servicing, there are big cost savings to be made over a lifetime of ownership.

As the need for swift action on climate change becomes ever more pressing, we’re proud to stand with people around the world championing a better future for the planet, and will continue to seek out new avenues to help protect our environment for generations to come.

For more information about the ways in which we’re striving to be green, please visit our Environmental Policy page.