Behind the Screams at Vampomime Rehearsals

Posted on 3 December 2015

Snooping backstage, with our crucifixes and holy water at the ready, we were treated to a sneak peak at our new pantomime for adults. Vampomime is a fangtastic new production – a panto run by a company of vampires, it’s a show with a lot of bite! Trying their best to put on a traditional panto for their Coventry audience, there’s a lot at steak…sorry, stake if all goes wrong.

We were lucky enough to be granted access to rehearsals (after dark of course), have a rustle through props and have look at what the cast were up to. The performances are shaping up to be dead good, as you can see. The costumes are coming along nicely, particularly considering the majority of the cast can’t see themselves in the mirrors and props range from a sarcophagus to a roast dinner, vampire style. This fun, deliciously wacky and seriously spooky show will have you in stitches – a positively batty way to spend your evening.

Shaping up to be the best bloody night out in Coventry, the show premieres on Saturday 5 December, so get your tickets to Vampomime quick.