Behind the scenes with Jeannette Mudhai

Posted on 20 February 2014

Jeannette Mudhai plays Ariel in the Belgrade Young Company’s The Tempest, which is on from Mon 3 March in the B2 auditorium. Today she took some time out of her intensive rehearsal schedule for a short Q&A.

When you auditioned was there a specific part that you were hoping to get?

Jeannette: “Yeah. Straight away I knew I wanted to be Ariel. The thing that captured me most was that he/she was mysterious, magical, and loyal to Prospero.”

Working on Ariel, have you found anything you were not expecting to find?

Jeannette: She is nothing like how anyone would think she was. She is not like a fairy or the stereotypical view of someone who had not read The Tempest would think she was. She does not have feelings, but she has a worldly understanding.

Finally, how do you memorise your lines?

Jeannette: I like to read it through first and then action it. Actioning it helps because I can picture the scene. When I know what I am saying and I understand why I am saying it, it is easier to memorise.

Tickets are FREE to The Tempest – all we ask is for you to donate what you want at the end of the performance. You can book online, at Box Office or by calling them on 024 7655 3055.

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