Behind The Scenes of Bring On The Bollywood - Tech Rehearsals

Posted on 22 April 2016

From the elegant anarkalis of the late 50s through to the designer saris and billion-rupee brands of today, Bollywood is every bit as famous for its fashions as for its films!

In our latest gallery, we go behind-the-scenes of Phizzical’s Bring On The Bolywood for a glimpse inside the glamorous world of one of the world’s most successful industries!

And for anyone looking to brush up on their Bollywood knowledge…here are ten of our favourite facts about the industry from across the internet. Enjoy!

Bollywood produces around 1000 films every year – almost double the output of Hollywood.

Around 14 million Indians go to the cinema every day, which equates to 1.4% of the entire population. Cinemagoers pay around a day’s wage to watch a Bollywood film.

The longest ever kiss in a Bollywood film stands at four minutes in the 1933 film ‘Karma’. Those kissing were also real life husband and wife, Devika Rani and Himanshu Rai.

Typical Bollywood conventions include star-crossed lovers, angry parents, family ties, sacrifice, corrupt politicians and kidnappings.

Actor Dilip Kumar, known as the ‘Tragedy King’, was offered the role of Sherif Ali in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. He declined the offer and the role went to Egyptian actor Omar Sharif (pictured).

‘Indra Sabha’, an opera about a prince’s romance with a fairy, has an incredible 71 songs in it – the most in any Indian film.

The term ‘Bollywood’ was coined in the 1970s when Indian cinema overtook America as the world’s largest film producer.

Most Bollywood films are at least 3 hours long.

In the first Bollywood films, women were played by male actors.

Superstar Salman Khan is reportedly the highest paid Bollywood star receiving 55 Crore (just under £6 million) for every film.

Bring on the Bollywood runs from Sat 23 – Sat 30 April in B2.

Photography by Joe Bailey – Five Six Photography.