Author and Playwright Meera Syal Backs 24 Hour Culture Survey

Posted on 17 October 2014

With the countdown to the 24 Hour Culture Survey under way, it was great to see Black Country author and playwright lend her support to the campaign earlier this week:

“The West Midlands is full of great culture, from Wolves to Warwick, bhangra to The Bard himself, and some of Britain’s funniest, most creative and talented people. commented Meera.

“If you plan to read a book, play an instrument, take a dance class, watch a film, laugh at something on Youtube or take your kids to the theatre over the course of the day, just tell the survey. It’ll help us all shout about the value of the arts.

The 24 Hour Culture Survey is aiming to get a snapshot of the breadth of arts and culture that takes place in the West Midlands.

We hope that by finding the quantity and variety of activities that happens in one single day, we can raise awareness of how important arts and culture is to people in their everyday life.

How You Can Get Involved!

The survey takes just a few minutes to complete and is available to view via the 24 Hour Culture Website. Simply follow the link on the homepage.

You will be asked what kinds of arts and cultural activity you’ve taken part in over 24-25 October and also over the past year. This could be something you’ve visited – like the theatre or a stately home – or things you do yourself, such as knitting or listening to a play on the radio. We also ask if and why you think arts and culture matter to everyday life.