A Very Relaxed Panto Performance!

Posted on 11 January 2018

We were delighted to have held our first relaxed pantomime performance on Wednesday 10 January. A relaxed performance is specifically designed to be an open and welcoming environment for those audience members who may enjoy, or benefit from, a more relaxed performance style. This includes those with Autism Spectrum Conditions, sensory and communication disorders, learning disabilities, dementia, or other conditions.

Patrons were excited to have a special relaxed introduction to the show from panto dame Iain Lauchlan, and there were fidget toys available in the foyer to help with restless hands. There were chill out zones where people could relax, do some colouring in and watch the show via relay screen if being in the auditorium became difficult for them, with plenty of staff on hand to help if needed.

We had a number of twiddle muffs donated by Earlsdon Women’s Institute which patrons were free to take and use as fidget aids, and a number of lovely volunteers from Coventry Building Society to help through the day. Coventry really came together to put together our relaxed performance and a massive thank you to everyone who helped or participated in any way!

We’re looking forward to next year already!