80s Throwback - Setting the Scene for Flashdance The Musical

Posted on 27 August 2018

The 1980s: and it all started so well…

THE whole world watched as Charles and Di sealed the knot on live TV. You either loved that crumpled silk confection that she got married in or you hated it. It wasn’t long before the fairytale wedding became the horror story break-up but, on that hot summer day in 1981, we all thought it would end happily ever after.

The decade hadn’t started so well. While both The Pope and US president Ronald Reagan had survived assassination attempts just a few months before, John Lennon had been shot dead in New York just before Christmas 1980.

Great Britain wobbled as Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands and Margaret Thatcher gained the nickname ‘The Iron Lady’ when she sent in the troops to defend them.

As tens of thousands died, poisoned by a chemical gas leak in Bhopal, India, Michael Jackson moon-walked for the first time and ET and Back to the Future became blockbuster movie hits.


In the ‘80s, the deadliest nuclear power plant accident ever occurred at Chernobyl, Donald Trump stepped out into the media spotlight for the first time and, grasped in their hot little hands, every kid had a Game Boy or a Rubik Cube. In Tiananmen Square hundreds of peacefully demonstrating Chinese students were killed when the government brutally quashed the protest.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. As the decade came to a close, the Berlin Wall was torn down, Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, gifted the World Wide Web to us all and, in 1983, Flashdance, the movie, was released and girl power triumphed!

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